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$65.00 Inc GST



The CT2 is a multi-format cable/connector test unit designed to quickly and efficiently test a wide variety of standard audio cables and connectors.

Built to withstand the rigours of even the most hardened road crews, the CT2 is a compact battle-proof tool that should not be left out of any serious audio toolbox. Equally suited to stage and studio as it is for Home Theatre and Hi-Fi, the CT2 adapts to all manner of audio interconnections and situations.

The CT2 requires power for operation from a standard 9v battery for operation (battery not included).

The basic operation guide for testing cables is to connect one end of your cable to the left hand side connector sockets of the CT2, and the other end of your cable to the right hand side of the CT2. Depending on how many pin to -> pin cable connections are housed within your currently connected cable, simply turn the rotary dial through each position and take note of the LED indicators status (on/off). If the selected pin to -> pin connection is OK, the paired LED’s for the appropriate selection will be illuminated. Afailed connection status can be observed by taking note of non illumated pairs. For single pin 1 to ->1 connections there are two (2) banana connections on the front panel permanently wired as a continuity tester with LED and beeper indicators.

    6-position rotary selector with individual LED’s for up to
    five pins plus
    internal battery life check
    Allows connection between different format connectors with ease
    ‘Banana’ continuity tester with beeper and LED indicator
    Super rugged construction for durability and long life
    Phantom power LED indicator

    2 x XLR
    2 x RCA Phono
    2 x BNC
    2 x MIDI (5-pin DIN)
    2 x DMX (5-pin)
    2 x Speakon
    2 x 1/4″ (6.5mm) TRS/TS


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