SCAN-SPEAK Foam Surround For Classic 18W Woofers

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Scan Speak 310004 original foam suspension to suit 18W series woofers.


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Foam surround only, no adhesives or instructions, no advice on repair. We recommend having the repair done by a professional.

This is an original part from Scan-speak. Part number 310004.

Scan Speak made new rubber suspensions available for the 18W series some years ago. These are standard on the newer drivers and many have retro-fitted these to old series drivers. Many have also been unhappy with the result. The original foams became difficult and then impossible to obtain.

These original foams have been re-released and now you can return your early model 18W8545, 18W8535, 18W8542 etc. 7″/18cm drivers to original.

Price is per each.




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