RCF L15P 200ak 15″ Low Frequency driver

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The L15P200AK is the RCF classical extended low frequency 15” woofer

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The L15P200AK is the RCF classical extended low frequency 15” woofer.

Generous voice coil length, heavier moving mass weight and very low resonance frequency for perfect low frequency reproduction. Remarkable the linearity in the application range. Professional Low Frequency Transducer Special treatments are applied to cone surface and surround for optimum dampening

The L15P200AK finds its best application in bass reflex enclosures. It is a perfect solution for recorded music, cinema speakers, very low frequency monitoring and applications where low frequency linearity is required. In 2 way systems shall be used in conjunction to large format compression driver, very good for linear 3 way system.

  • 4-inch, fibreglass inside-outside copper voice coil
  • 1600 Watt continuous program power handling
  • 95 dB Sensitivity 35 Hz – 1 kHz Application range
  • Triple roll damped surround
  • Corrugated straight damped cone

The driver is second hand with surface dirt on the cone.

Suspension has been replaced with new double roll long travel cloth.

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