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Plessey/Rola 12U50EG Recone Kit

$150.00$180.00 Inc GST

Modified ‘Celestion Alnico Blue’ recone kit to bring the original Plessey U50 back to life with a much richer and less ‘brassy’ sound.


The original Plessey 12U50 had a brassy sound compliments largely of a metal coil former.

Our Recone kit is the Aftermarket Celestion ‘Alnico Blue’ with spider changed to suit the Plessey frame.

With the coil wound on ‘Kapton’ rather than metal, the famous Alnico Blue sound can be realised from the very original.

The smaller, more sensitive coil also drops the power rating to 15watts which suits the great valve amps of the era.

Why go ‘retro look’ when you can go real original.

This recone kit is sold built up for simple drop-in fitting. It is custom hand built, so lead times will be involved – allow two weeks from order to dispatch.

Hand made coils on original paper former are available by special order in either 8 or 16 ohm. This will be hand made/hand wound per the very original. Again, extra lead times will be involved. Price on application.

Also suits a range of early Rola speakers including the G12 Field Coil.


Additional information


8 ohm Kapton, 16 ohm Kapton, 8 ohm Paper, 16 ohm Paper


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