Bipolar Electrolytic Capacitor – Standard Axial

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1.0uF 100volt Bipolar Electrolytic Capacitor.

Suitable for Audio Circuits in Amplifiers, Crossovers and other filter circuits.


General purpose non-polarised electrolytic capacitor for audio circuits, crossovers and other circuits with reversing polarity voltages.

All rated at 100 volts

Tolerance 20 %

Temperature rating -40°C +85°C

Sizes vary with value and may be subject to change



Additional information

Dimensions N/A

1.0 uF, 2.2 uF, 3.3 uF, 3.9 uF, 4.7 uF, 6.8 uF, 10 uF, 15 uF, 22 uF, 33 uF, 47 uF, 68 uF, 100 uF, 150 uF, 220 uF, 330 uF, 470 uF


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