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Grille Cloth – Acoustic Research

$65.00 Inc GST

All Natural Fibre Grille Cloth to suit Vintage Speakers including Acoustic Research etc.

Sold Per Lineal Metre

It’s Back! We visited the supplier recently and found the new vivid white version of this cloth has now returned to the original colour.



For those owners of Fine Vintage Speakers using Original Irish Linen Grille Cloth.

Until now, this has been made from purest ‘unobtainium’!.

After searching the globe for many years, here it is.

  • 100% Natural Fibre
  • Open weave, acoustically transparent.
  • Bring your vintage and rare speakers back to life!.
  • As used in AR LST, LST2, AR3a etc.

Sold Per lineal Metre. Cloth is 1500 mm wide

(images are of Original AR LST covers on new cloth)


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