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The essential companion to the OmniMic V2 Measurement System

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The Dayton Audio OMDVD Test DVD is the essential complement to the OmniMic V2 measurement system by Dayton Audio for fine-tuning home theater and multichannel audio systems.

The Dayton Audio OMDVD Test DVD brings the ease of the OmniMic V2 system to measurements of 5.1-channel audio systems. It’s the essential tool for professional installers and home theater enthusiasts to ensure proper audio calibration and optimization of a home theater or multichannel music system for the highest possible performance. The full functionality of the OmniMic V2 measurement system is now available through every channel of a 5.1-channel audio system thanks to the OMDVD Test DVD’s suite of high-quality test tones, and an intuitive menu structure that has been optimized for ease of use. The OMDVD Test DVD is compatible with any DVD player or DVD-capable Blu-Ray player, making it the perfect add-on for the portable and versatile OmniMic V2 measurement system. Designed explicitly for use with the Dayton Audio OmniMic V2 measurement system (sold separately, see Related Items).

  • The only multichannel test solution designed for the OmniMic V2 system
  • Intuitive, easily-navigable menu structure
  • Full suite of multichannel audio test tracks for use with OmniMic V2
  • Use with any DVD or DVD-capable Blu-Ray player


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