Dayton Audio PMPC Crossover Capacitor

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These capacitors offer excellent build quality, long-term reliability, and premium sonic clarity. Improved manufacturing and materials have achieved an impressive 1% tolerance.

Dayton Audio is once again leading the charge at bringing high quality, high value products to the speaker building community. Their new line of 1% tolerance capacitors gives you the ability to construct high-precision crossovers, which can eliminate “stereo wandering” and solidify the imaging and sound-stage of your speaker systems. Commercial manufacturers know of this problem and buy thousands of capacitors so they can hand-match them for their products – now you can effectively do the same, because every capacitor is matched! These capacitors share the same excellent build quality, long-term reliability, and sonic clarity of the standard Dayton Audio metalised polypropylene capacitors. Well-known in the industry as the brand of choice for use in loudspeaker crossovers, they offer the performance of boutique capacitors at a fraction of the price. Let the excellent reputation of Dayton Audio and their precision capacitors help you build the best speakers that you possibly can.

  • Tightest capacitor tolerance available: +/-1%!
  • Specially designed for crossovers and electronics
  • Extra-thick tinned copper leads
  • 250 VDC, high current capacity


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100nF, 220nF, 470nF, 1uF, 1.5uF, 2uF, 2.2uF, 2.7uF, 3uF, 3.3uF, 4uF, 5.1uF, 5.6uF, 6.2uF, 6.8uF, 8.2uF, 10uF, 12uF, 15uF, 20uF, 25uF, 30uF, 40uF


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