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Audio Signal Generator – Hand Held

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Product Description

A highly useful pocket sized signal generator for on-site servicing of audio equipment or for service bench use. Generates sine and square waveforms in 46 preset frequencies from 20Hz to 150kHz in two ranges (x1 and x100). Adjustable amplitude up to 8V peak to peak on square wave or 1.2V RMS on sine wave. Output impedance 600Ω for direct driving most audio equipment eg amplifiers, mixers etc. Also features a Sync output for triggering an oscilloscope. Includes test leads. Requires 9V battery (not supplied).

A must have piece of test equipment for mobile audio techs, installers or engineers!

20Hz to 150kHz in 46 presets
Sine or square wave output
Adjustable amplitude
Oscilloscope sync output
Compact size
Includes test leads

Frequencies (x1 Range): 20, 28, 32, 42, 50, 64, 75, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200, 280, 320, 420, 500, 640, 750, 800, 1k, 1.2k, 1.5kHz
Frequencies (x100 Range): 2k, 2.8k, 3.2k, 4.2k, 5k, 6.4k, 7.5k, 8.0k, 10k,12k, 15k, 18k, 20k, 28k, 32k, 42k, 50k, 64k, 75k, 80k, 100k, 120k, 150kHz
Output Impedance: 600Ω
Waveform: sinusoidal or square wave switchable
Output Amplitude (Sine): 1.2V RMS
Output Amplitude (Square): 8V peak to peak
Rise & Fall Time: > 5µs
Dimensions: 82x21x15mm
Requires 9V Battery

Instruction Manual (.pdf) SG1542


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