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“Alu-sol” Aluminium Soldering Wire

$95.00 Inc GST

For Soldering Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Wires

0.9mm x 500gm roll

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A great deal of speaker voice coils are now either full Aluminium or Copper Coated Aluminium (CCA) wire.

Standard 60/40 solder is not good for soldering these wires and the new lead free solders are even poorer.

The answer is ALU-SOL® – designed with this task specifically in mind. This has become hard to find and is not stocked by the general electronics suppliers.

  • Easier and more reliable soldering of aluminium and aluminium alloys
  • Greatly improved resistance to electrolytic corrosion (Tin/Zinc solder is poor in comparison)
  • Excellent flow on aluminium, most aluminium alloys and other metals. Good penetration
  • Contains 4 cores of unique flux. No separate flux required
  • Compatible with standard solders
  • Solders virtually all other metals including stainless steel
  • Range of alloys possible with various melting temperatures
  • Flux permits direct flame heating at soldering point. Gas heated iron also suitable. Thinner gauge sheet
    and wires solderable directly with electric soldering iron, hot plate, oven, induction, infra-red and resistance heating

ALU 45D 4C 0.9MM S 500G   Datasheet 1683972

Safety Data Sheet EN 369160


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