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Aftermarket JBL 2241H Recone Kit

$195.00 Inc GST

JBL 2241 18” 8 ohm Aftermarket recone kit



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JBL 2241 18” 8 ohm Aftermarket recone kit

No Longer Available

Aftermarket recone kit to fit JBL 2241H  (8 Ohm) 18″ speaker.

Comes fully assembled and ready to install.

High quality kit is very close to the original in look and performance.


Supplied as assembled recone with alignment shims, dustcap and gasket set.


Requires glue – see our section on speaker repair glues.

Warranty: 12 Months

Stock/part number RK-JBL2241H

$195 (Does not include shipping fees and glue).


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