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Dayton Audio’s rugged DCS165-4 6-1/2″ subwoofer has all of the performance-enhancing attributes you would expect from a larger high-output subwoofer. With a vented pole piece and 4 ohm, 4-layer voice coil, this driver can handle up 100 watt RMS. The non-pressed paper cone is reinforced with Kevlar to increase stiffness, which promotes linear travel through the limits of its excursion. In addition, the pole piece includes a copper cap that keeps inductance to a minimum. The DCS165-4 driver is ideal for use in small multimedia speakers, portable speakers, or even automotive systems where space is at a minimum.

4-layer VC with polyimide former allows high power handling
Vented pole piece and bumped back plate provide plenty of VC travel with minimal compression
Copper pole piece cap minimizes inductance
Rigid non-pressed treated paper/Kevlar cone with rubber surround
Great for home and automotive applicationProduct Specification Sheet (.pdf) DCS165-4

Code DCS165-4
Qts 0.34
Qes 0.36
Cms 0.5mm/N
Le 1.43mH
Power 100W
Prms 100W
Vas 12.1L
Sd 124.7cm²
Diam. 167mmØ
Re 3.4O
Fs 35.7Hz
Coil 38.5mmØ
Mms 39.5g
Impedance (Ohm) 4 ohm
Impedance 4O (Re 3.4O)
Power (RMS) 51-100 Watt
Inch 6.5
Size 6.5″
Qms 6.62
Depth 85mm
Sens. 87.4dB
Brand Dayton Audio
Manufacturer Dayton Audio
Price Type each
Type Subwoofer


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